What do we do? And how we can help you?

We teach hypnosis. All forms of them.

Hypnotherapy has long been used as a holistic reparative technique for people recovering from some of the most chronic diseases and vices. Time and again, it’s proven to change lives, brings in positive changes and makes living life more meaningful.

The power of the mind. The power to change.

Hypnosis Academy Trainings believes in the power of the mind. The unconscious, when tapped properly, can open a world full of wonderful capabilities. Heal yourself. Take control of your vices. Eliminate them completely. Live a healthier life. Lose weight. Do all this and more – take a step towards a new you!

Train the mind. Train its power.

Hypnosis Academy Trainings offers courses in all forms of hypnotherapy. We believe in hypnosis as a many-faceted gem – the more you know of it, the more all-encompassing the experience is. From NLP trainings to short courses on covert hypnosis, we strive to give the best services the world of hypnotherapy has to offer.

Reclaim your brain’s never-ending capacity. Learn hypnosis today.



hypnotherapy training melbourne

Change for the better with Hypnosis!

Hypnotherapy Courses Melbourne
Hypnotherapy Courses Melbourne

How our trainings can change your life too!

Self Hypnosis Training

Learn hypnosis for yourself! Train your mind to self-hypnotise. Improve the body’s capability to self-heal.

Conscious Hypnosis Training

Covert hypnosis. Conscious effort, noticeable results. Train your brain and body. Live hypno-healthily.

Neuro Linguistic Hypnosis Training

Communicate personal development. Treat phobias, distress, depression and other psychosomatic illnesses.

Weight Loss

Burn excess, unwanted fats. Eat right, eat healthy. Loss weight without the sweat.

Quit Smoking

Train yourself to avoid the cigar. Stop the cravings. Learn hypnosis. Quit smoking.

Reduce Stress

Lower your stress levels naturally. Find relief to the body’s daily wear and tear. Hypnosis is the way.

Reduce Pain or Anxiety

Prevent anxiety attacks and eliminate pain in between. Control your nerves, control your life.